Women's Cut                                                                           from $100

If she is 12 and over, she is a women's cut
Men's Cut                                                                                    from$50
30 min.

If he is 12 and over, he is a men's cut
Brushing (wash, blow-dry & style)                                                     from $70
Style after Colour (blow-dry & style)                                             from $50
30 mins.

*Price and duration only applicable when book with colour service.
Up-do                                                                                        from $130

* If it's up, it's an up-do
Cutting & Styling

We keep our service menu short and sweet to ensure that we only offer our clients services that are supported with extensive education and expertise.

Risorsa 134x.png
Balayage/Ombré                                                                      from $220

1 hour application / 1 hour processing
Full Highlight                                                                            from $200

1 hour application / 1 hour processing
Partial Highlight                                                                      from $170

1 hour application / 1 hour processing
Hairline Highlight                                                                   from $110

30 min application / 1 hour processing
Bleach-Out                                                                                from $190

Single Process Colour                                                            from $100

30 min application / 1 hour processing
Toner                                                                                              from $50
30 min processing

*Call to book
Colour Emergencies                                            by consultation only

Don't panic! Whether it was a DYI box dye mistake or a science experiment gone wrong, we've got you covered. Contact us to book a colour consult, and one of our amazing colour technicians will sit with you and assess the situation and come up with a plan to get you feeling like the best version of yourself. Quote for price and duration will be given during the consultation.
Our colour technicians have spent years developing their skills to consult, formulate and apply custom tailored unique to each client and their hair.

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